Hidden Treasure Aerial Park

Hidden Treasure Aerial Park will reopen on June 9, 2017 for daily operations through August 13, 2017! Weekends only after that through the end of September! The aerial park is open Saturdays only through September for you and your family to enjoy "an aerial high five experience".


Our aerial park offers thrilling adventures for the whole family while promoting active and healthy lifestyles. We offer three levels. The First Level Course, the Second Level Course (More Difficult) and the Third Level Course (Most Difficult). There are two zip lines. The First Level zip line is available to all participants, while the Third Level zip line is available to participants weighing at least 50 lbs. For the grand finale at the end of the Third Level zip you are able to take the Ultimate Decent from the tower to the ground! It is truly a thrill! We will publish full moon tours very soon, where we offer Glowstick only lighting on the course and it is done at night!


You must be wearing close toed shoes suitable for climbing.


Book your corporate groups, board retreat, and educational groups for team bonding along with the Hidden Treasure Aerial Park by calling 575-754-2223 x 205.


Minimum weight: 35lbs Maximum weight: 265lbs


Participants weighing 35lbs to 49 lbs. - $35

Participants weighing 50lbs to 264 lbs - $45


For additional information: Please call: 575-754-2223