Red River Ski & Summer Area

Red River Ski & Summer Area is the perfect spot, where you can escape from the daily monotonous routine. The highlight is that you can visit it both in the summer and winter. It is perfect for a family trip, or even to be alone. The area is in the Southern Rockies, in the middle of the town of Red River, New Mexico. Check all the contacts and company's info.


Red River Ski & Summer Area's history

Red River was first populated by Ute and Jicarilla Apaches, and it was the place for various trade operations over the years. In the 1950s, Oklahoma businessman Stokes E. Bolton and his wife have first started going to Red River on holiday. Red River Ski Area began its activity in 1959. This place has started to gather lots of winter sports enthusiasts. Nowadays, the Red River Ski & Summer Area hosts lots of families both in the summer and in the winter playing a wide variety of winter and summer sports. The area keeps improving, and it is equipped with snowmaking and grooming systems that make it more attractive.


Winter holidays

If a family decides to spend their holiday in winter, Red River Ski & Summer Area is the place to go. The resort offers reasonable prices and various season passes as well as some discounts for people of particular age. It is delightful that the company has the winter trail maps online that helps families select a path to home. Check the map right here ( Skiing and other joyful family activities are always maintained by the snow. There is no need to worry about it as the resort is always taking care of the snow by providing more snow when necessary. Regarding dining, there are some great places to choose on the mountain as The Grill at the Lift House, Main Chalet and Cafeteria, and Snow Coach Dinner Tour. Check all the details about these places to eat.


Summer holidays

The heat and crowds on the street can be overwhelming and stressing. A calm area with a peaceful territory and various activities might help you release stress and be full of energy. Being in the heart of nature can be the right vitamin taken for a fresh start. Red River Ski & Summer Area hosts lots of festivals, tours, concerts, and activities. There are plenty of activities to do there, like mountain tubing, disc golf, summer chair rides, dining at the Tip Restaurant, hiking the ski & summer area, mountain biking, or visiting Hidden Treasure Aerial Park. If shopping is your thing, you will be amazed to find out there are some shops on Main Street, too.


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