What is a Rail Jam & a Slopestyle?

What is a Rail Jam? A Rail Jam is a jib contest (Jibbing is technical riding on non-standard surfaces, usually performing tricks, referring to the action of jumping, sliding or riding on top of objects other than snow). Skiers and Snowboarders perform tricks on rails, boxes, pipes, towers, wall rides, etc. Rail Jam’s usually have 3 feature choices for the rider to hit on a run. Every rider takes as many runs as time allows (usually within one hour). What is a Slopestyle? Competitors perform tricks while descending a course, moving around, over, across, up, or down terrain features. The course is full of obstacles including boxes, rails, jumps, jibs (includes anything the board or rider can slide across).


Slope-style contests consist of choosing your own line in a terrain park using a variety of boxes, jibs and jumps.


What is USASA? USASA is the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association. Our division is the USASA Southwest Freeride division. USASA is a “grassroots organization that promotes fair and fun events for snowboarders and skiers while fostering a competitive spirit. Every year riders compete in rail jam, slalom, giant slalom, slopestyle, boarder/skier cross and halfpipe events at the regional level. Skiers can be involved in the slopestyle, skiercross and halfpipe events. Riders accumulate points to qualify for the National Championships held each year in Copper Mountain. There they will compete against the best boarders and free skiers in America. The goal is to promote fun lifelong activities for snowboarders and skier of all ages.”


Red River Ski & Summer Area’s hosted USASA Sanctioned events:

Dates for 2017/18 coming soon! Gold Rush Rail Jam (First USASA event for our region)

Dates for 2017/18 coming soon! Red River Rampage Slopestyle


RRSA’s unsanctioned Rail Jams:


Saturday night Rail Jams (Prior to Torchlight Parade & Fireworks which is every Saturdayand Holidays at 7 pm during ski season. March 11, 2018:

We Be Jammin’ Sundown Rail Jam