Ski Patrol


Ski Patrol






Promote safety of our guests and employees through quality emergency care. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Mountain Safety

  • Educate guests in safety while promoting the New Mexico Ski Safety Act.
  • Erect and maintain mountain signage, closed areas, ropes and markings.  
  • Correct any obstacles or safety issues ongoing throughout day. 
  • Monitor trails for fast or reckless skiers and warn them of the risks of injury to themselves and others if deemed necessary.
  • Close or maintain sections of the mountain due to weather, slope conditions or special events. 
  • Stop violators from skiing closed areas.  
  • Assist or guide anyone who is having trouble.
  • Perform sweeps of all main trails throughout the day and closing.
  • Attend classroom sessions and field exercises of Avalanche training and rescue procedures.
  • Perform any avalanche rescue or avalanche reduction.  
  • Administer care and transport injured parties to the Ultimed Clinic.
  • Participate in any rescue or searches within our ski area boundary and help locating or repairing lost or stolen equipment.
  • Attend classroom sessions and field exercises of the evacuation procedures for all lifts.
  • Evacuate any lift if necessary. 

Incident Reporting 

  • All incidents will be reported on the appropriate forms.  They must be legible and completed in a timely manner. 
  • Any incident involving a RRSA employee while at work must be reported immediately to the department supervisor and forms must be submitted to Lisa Smith for Worker’s Compensation.
  • All red-flag incidents must be reported to the Ski Patrol Director immediately.

Mountain Maintenance

  • It is the RRSP responsibility to assist in all areas of mountain maintenance.  Ski packing, side slipping, grooming scars, snowmaking issues and any clean up.  Also any issues deemed necessary by Red River Ski Area Management.

Equipment Maintenance

  • It is the responsibility of the RRSP to maintain all equipment in good condition.  All patrol equipment will be checked and maintained daily.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • All RRSP will adhere and obey any direct orders or requests from the RRSA management team.  
  • All RRSP must be in compliance with all articles pertaining to Section 9C of Guest Interactions. 


  • Demonstrate good guest and employee relation skills: ability to be pleasant, courteous and actively friendly with everyone. 
  • The job requires a high level of physical conditioning, endurance, and strength. 
  • Ability to perform strenuous physical activities for extended periods of time. 
  • Ability to read and interpret documents used by the RRSP and RRSA. 
  • Ability to reason and deal with emergency situations performing under high stress. 
  • Must be able to ski at an intermediate level.
  • Must be able to ski well enough and have the judgment to handle themselves and a sled under all mountain conditions.
  • Valid NSP Outdoor Emergency Care card or its equivalent.  
  • CPR training.
  • APP/NSP- The members of the RRSP will involve itself with both professional organizations to further educate in all areas of mountain operations and industry standards.

Work Environment

  • Regularly work with machinery and moving mechanical parts and tools.
  • Work  indoors and outdoors in all types of weather and environmental conditions.  
  • Lifting heavy weight, standing, climbing and skiing will be required on a daily basis under any weather condition.
  • Employees may be required to work holidays and weekends. 
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