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Ski Ranch Rodeo

Fri 4th – Sat 5th Feb 2022

Take your ranch skills to the slopes with an expanded two day event this season! Friday evening will feature team roping on skis and Saturday will feature a team ranch rodeo.

Skier 1 - Roper

Skier 1 will ski out of the gate triggering the timer with the goal of roping the dummy while skiing past. A miss is PLUS 5 seconds. Once Skier 1 crosses a mark, the flag will signal that Skier 2 can go.

Skier 2 - Branding

The flag from Skier 1 crossing the mark will release Skier 2. Skier 2 will ski to the branding dummy, pick up the branding iron and brand the center circle of the calf then put the branding iron back in the bucket before skiing down to cross the mark, the flag will signal that Skier 3 can go. A miss is PLUS 5 seconds.

Skier 3 - Saddle Bronc

The flag from Skier 2 crossing the mark will release Skier 3. Skier 3 will ski around gates to get to the bronc. Each gate missed is PLUS 5 seconds. Once at the bronc the skier must sit in the saddle and ride the bronc through the finish line, stopping the timer. PLUS 5 seconds if not in the saddle. Team members may help by pushing the bronc and Skier 3 across the finish line but the bronc and Skier 3 must cross the finish line first. 

Teams will receive prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd by fastest times.


Registration is first come, first serve. Maximum of 40 teams allowed.

Details coming soon...

Day of Registration

If Space Available.

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No Refunds will be issued once registered. 

Registration Forms

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