Pot O Gold Terrain Park 4k
For more information about our Terrain Parks, visit our web site http://www.redriverskiarea.com/terrain-parks
Snow Coach Dinner Tour
Enjoy our cozy mountain experience at the Tip Restaurant. For more information check out our web site. http://www.redriverskiarea.com/dining-mountain
Become A Member Of Our Family
Have a Rocky Mountain Adventure with our new and exciting winter job opportunities. For more information (including applications) check out our web site. http://www.redriverskiarea.com/job-openings
Winter Snow Tubing
For more information about our Winter Tubing, check out our web site http://www.redriverskiarea.com/
Torchlight, the Red River Experience.
Torchlight is a special tradition in our town. Every Saturday the ski area gets together and forms a snake like figure down the face of our mountain while holding torches, while our guests pour into the Lift House and enjoy the show. http://www.redriverskiarea.com/event/torchlight-parade-fireworks-13
Charter School Visit
The Charter school came by to learn a little about snowmaking