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Cardboard Sled Derby

Sat 18th Jan 2020 10AM

Left with too many boxes after the holidays? Get creative with all those boxes to build a sled using only cardboard, duct tape, string, twine, and paint. Glide down Gold Rush Hill with your cardboard sled creation for a chance to win various prizes including cash! Competitors can choose to race solo or with a team of up to 4 people with their cardboard sled. Stock up on duct tape and don't throw away those boxes just yet!

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Age Categories

Prizes will awarded based on the below criteria in each age category.

Two cash prizes of $250 will be awarded in each age category if a cardboard sled hits the target with at least half the cardboard sled remaining in the marked area. If multiple cardboard sleds claim this prize, it will be split accordingly.

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