Reloads | 23/24 Season

Already have your Red Card? Reload Lift Tickets online and head directly to the chairlifts. 

Reloads Information
  • Reloads use the WTP number that is printed on the front or back of your Red Card to find Lift Tickets that are eligible to be reloaded onto your existing Red Card.
  • Upon reloading Lift Tickets, guests can go directly to the chairlift with their Red Card. No need to pick up anything else. 
  • Children 5 & Under and Seniors 70 & Over Reloads are only available in person at a Sales Counter or Guest Services. 
  • Reloads can be purchased as multi-day Lift Tickets but must be used consecutively beginning on the first date selected at the time of purchase. Refunds or credit vouchers will not be issued for unused days.
Reloads Pricing
  • Reloads are purchased per day, per person.
  • Sales tax is not included in prices for winter products. 
  • Eligible Military & First Responders, including legal direct dependents, receive discounts on select winter products, including Reloads. Learn more here.

Buy Now

Online Reloads Full Day (9am-4pm) Afternoon (12pm-4pm)
Adult (13-69) $94 $70
Junior (6-12) $70 $60
Booking Reloads

Reloads are available for purchase prior to arrival online. Online purchases can be made up to 12:00pm the day of skiing or snowboarding for Full Day Lift Tickets and 2:00pm for Afternoon Lift Tickets. 

Reloads Pick Up

No need to pick anything up once you have reloaded your Red Card. Upon arrival, guests may go directly to the lift with their current Red Card that Lift Tickets are reloaded onto.


Yes, but as you are purchasing your Lift Ticket(s) in person regardless of the time frame prior to arrival, you will be charged the Walk Up rate for Lift Tickets. Save on Lift Tickets by reloading Lift Tickets online.

Be sure you have your Red Card in front of you. You’ll want to find your WTP number which is located on the front and back of your Red Card. Using our online store under the Reloads tab, you’ll enter your WTP number. Once entered, products that are eligible to be reloaded based on your age or previous purchases will display. Once the desired product is selected you can add it to your cart. If other cards need reloaded, do those individually before completing checkout. 

RFID Technology

RFID is an acronym for radio frequency identification. Our Lift Tickets, Season Passes, Winter Tubing Tickets, and Summer Activity Tickets and Passes will utilize this technology for access to chairlifts and activities. Each RFID card contains a number that is unique to you and allows our system to access information about what products you have purchased. As you approach the gates at each chairlift or activity our system will read your RFID card and once validated, open the gate allowing you to pass through and load the chairlift or activity. It’s that fast and easy!

RFID gates are located at Lil Blue, Gold Chair, Platinum Chair, and Copper Chair. 

Our RFID cards do not store any personal information, beyond your name which is printed on the card. Each RFID card contains a randomly generated number that is associated with your account in our secure database.

No, every RFID card is unique to the specific ski resort or destination database where you received the RFID card and other RFID cards will not work at Red River Ski & Summer Area and vice-versa. 

No, our RFID cards will not not interfere with cell phones or other RFID products. You should keep your RFID card in a pocket by itself to prevent interference with our gates reading the RFID card. 

No, information is not stored magnetically. Use of a magnet or other erasing devices has no effect whatsoever on the RFID card.

No, our RFID cards cannot track you. Our RFID cards and gates only have a short read range of roughly 10 inches.