Activity Tickets | 2024 Season

Individual summer activity tickets for Red River Ski & Summer Area. 

Activity Tickets Information
  • All activity tickets, except for Hidden Treasure Aerial Park, are dateless, and the available ride(s) can be used anytime the activity is open during the 2024 season.
  • Please be prepared, as the weather can change quickly and dramatically. Activities may temporarily close due to inclement weather. 
  • Sales tax is not included in prices for summer products. 
  • Eligible Military & First Responders, including legal direct dependents, receive discounts on select summer products. Learn more here.
Scenic Summer Chairlift
  • Children 5 & Under tickets are only available in person at a Sales Counter or Guest Services.
  • Scenic Summer Chairlift tickets are purchased per ride, per person.
Scenic Summer Chairlift  
Adult (6 & Over) $23
Child (5 & Under)  Free
Current PDGA Member $15
All Day Use $40
Scenic Chairlift Season Pass $129
Pioneer Flyer Seated Zip Line
  • Pioneer Flyer Seated Zip Line participants must be at least 42" tall.
  • Carts can accommodate either one or two participants. 
  • Each cart has a single participant weight capacity of 275 lbs and a double participant weight capacity of 450 lbs. All participants will be discreetly weighed before loading to ensure carts are loaded within the required threshold.
  • Rides can be shared amongst participants, but all participants must have a waiver completed and receive a wristband confirming completion of a waiver. 
  • Pioneer Flyer Seated Zip Line is purchased per ride with multiple rides offering savings per ride.
Pioneer Flyer Seated Zip Line  
1 Ride $12
2 Rides $22
4 Rides $40
6 Rides $54
8 Rides $68
10 Rides $80
Summer Mountain Tubing
  • Lil' Blue riders must be at least 42" tall.
  • Gold Rush riders must be at least 47" tall. 
  • Rides cannot be shared amongst participants. 
  • Only one rider is allowed per tube. 
  • Summer Mountain Tubing is purchased per person. 
Summer Mountain Tubing 3 Rides 6 Rides
Lil' Blue $24 $36
Gold Rush $36 $48
Hidden Treasure Aerial Park
  • Participants must weigh at least 50 lbs and not exceed 264 lbs. All participants will be discreetly weighed before being harnessed to ensure weight is within the required threshold.
  • Sessions are time and date specific, which must be chosen at the time of purchase. 
  • Hidden Treasure Aerial Park is purchased per session, per person. 
Hidden Treasure Aerial Park  
Per Session $64
Mini Golf
  • Mini Golf is purchased per person. 
Mini Golf  
All Ages $8