Private Lessons

Whether you're a beginner or an expert with any skills in between Private Lessons are a great way to hone your skills and have more fun. These lessons are offered in varying lengths to best accommodate your needs and goals. Your coach will work with you to develop a personal plan to advance you to your goal at a rate that keeps you comfortable on the slopes.

If you choose to have more than one person in a lesson, the coach will teach to the lowest skill level of one of the students. It is best to take two separate private lessons if there are different skill levels in the same family or group.

 Private Lessons (Two Hour) Ski  Snowboard 
First Person (Two Hour) $180 $180
Additional Student (Two Hour) $100 $100
 Private Lessons (Three Hour) Ski Snowboard
First Person (Three Hour) $255 $255
Additional Student (Three Hour) $150 $150

Private Lessons are based on availability and do sell out! Plan in advance and make a reservation by calling Guest Services. We do offer a One Hour Private Lesson as we highly recommend only a one hour lesson for children ages 3-4. For children ages 5-12 a two hour lesson at minimum allows students the time to gain new skills and receive coaching with feedback on various terrain.