Hidden Treasure Aerial Park

Our aerial park offers thrilling adventures for the whole family while promoting active and healthy lifestyles. We offer three levels of difficulty with an experience for everyone in the family, The First Level Course (Easiest), the Second Level Course (More Difficult) and the Third Level Course (Most Difficult). The grand finale at the end of the Third Level zip is to take the Ultimate Decent, using an assisted belay from the tower to the ground!

Minimum weight: 50lbs

Maximum weight: 264lbs

Full Time Schedule: 6/12-8/16

  • Session schedule to be determined

Reduced Schedule: 8/17-9/6

  • Session schedule to be determined
    • Closed 8/17-8/20
    • Open 8/21-8/22
    • Closed 8/23-8/27
    • Open 8/28-8/29
    • Closed 8/30-9/4
    • Open 9/5-9/6 *Session schedule to be determined*